Founded by NFL Veteran Joe Mays and his wife Toyia, our award-winning coworking spa is Healthy KC Certified and named 435 Magazine's Best New Health Haven via the Best of Kansas City August 2017 issue.



Our space is a fusion of an innovative, relaxing coworking space fused with a ground-breaking holistic wellness spa bringing the best of the technology and natural wellness services (often available only to pro-athletes) to the general public. 

Our unique membership model came about via our business partner and director of growth, Kia McClain, who transformed our whole center by adding coworking and memberships to the model. Kia continues to add to our model as in 2019 she will debut our online community which allows for our wellness collective providers to see clients online, teach workshops, create a more meaningful connection with clients, and so much more.

Working wellness is our promise to you.  Wellness at work not only means loving what you do, but also loving your work environment and feeling your best.  These conditions make for a higher level of creativity, productivity, and overall wellness for the clients that you serve. 



Imagine having the same level of self-care and spa services available to pro-athletes when you are ill, injured, or just want to live well.  At The Laya Center, we have everything you need for extreme wellness under one roof.  We offer holistic healthcare in a spa environment.  

Our Facilities

What you "sense" plays a major part in your well-being! We spend time each day making sure that when you enter our space, you get a good sense of being well. From the "no shoe" environment, to the well thought out aromatherapy, and the controlled air in some of our rooms. Each room holds a different temperature, smell, texture, color and ambiance. Many don't realize that the healing starts as soon as you step off the elevator.  Drop by or check out our  Virtual Tour.

Our Services

We aim to promote natural healing through a "Whole Healthy ~ Mind, Body & Spirit" approach w/ technology, consulting and education, exercise & healing arts!  Not only are services available for athletes, we also serve the everyday person.  Your wellness is our business!